Who & what is everydaily.net?

The daily started back in 1999 when two brothers (Rudin and Paul Swagerman) picked up the idea to publish their everyday life on the internet. They designed a small calendar based webapplication in which they could place text and pictures.
The first daily appeared on www.viernulvier.nl, a creative playground of four friends. They now could publish their experiences. As time went on the daily started a life apart from www.viernulvier.nl and was mainly used and developed further by Rudin Swagerman.
Somewhere around 2002 the daily had about 20 users, who could manually upload text and a picture on their own webspace. During the years of development the (small but inventive) webapplication was throughout tested and several times re-scripted. Only one thing was missing: an easy way to publish and update the daily via the webbrowser itself. This is where another brother (Rien Swagerman) came into picture.
He proposed to his younger brother "why not make it easier updating the daily and make it available to a larger public?". As time went on and weblogging and moblogs came more and more into picture the time was ready: "We have to do this!". As we felt the urgency to start off the project we came with a great name for the portal website: everydaily.net!
The future of everydaily.net is focused on sharing everyday life, connecting friends and meeting people. We're also planning to develop the daily for the mobile phone.
We do this purely for our own interest and because we like to see how people experience everyday life.